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  • Anion marble series.
  • The toner marble series.
  • Medium plate products series
  • Big board products series

company Introduction

Our company produces "danhao" brand tiles to create a perfect new space for customers. In product design, development has injected more humanized elements, make the product overall style halfback is bold and unrestrained, fashionable unique, have a strong visual impact, leading the new "space", "high quality" of the new trend of the human settlements. The product category is complete, with the technology to guide product research and development, with the natural concept to make the product more human.

The complete interpretation of the building and the human nature of the heart match point, makes the "danhao" brand tiles in a short time to become the personality language advocate and the designer's first choice. The products have been tested and all indexes meet the national standard. Our products have been widely used in many competitive building materials projects in large and medium-sized cities throughout China. It has injected new vitality into the new generation of Chinese architecture, and also established the model of ceramic tile products.


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